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6 Best iPad Pencil Alternatives

Top Best iPad Pencil Alternatives: If one thing is clear, one of the most famous tablets on the market is Apple’s iPad. All of its versions, whether large or small, can be used with a touch pen or capacitive stylus that; beyond graphic or technical drawing, one of the main strengths of this pen, have different uses. However, since 2017, it has been optional to buy an Apple Pencil, the brand’s official stylus, but there is the possibility of using other compatible pencils since there are more and more on the market.

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iPad Pencil Alternatives

iPad Pencil Alternatives

If you don’t want to spend the money that the official Apple Pencil costs, you should know that there are the most reliable and equally decisive options at a very competitive price. Through the purchasing guide that we bring you today at Whats Alternatives, we are going to help you in the purchasing process and with the issues that you have to take into account, in addition to showing you what we believe are the best models, both the most economical as those that are from a slightly higher range.

This type of pen is used to write on and draw on the iPad screens. In fact, it is one of the most popular alternatives to paper. It can export and print sketches, with countless options for drawing, coloring, and priceless details that would not be achieved on paper. And all this without damaging the iPad screen in the slightest.

The importance of these styluses lies in their tip, which will provide one type of precision or another depending on the model and its features. In this way, they can be used with all types of applications with more than notable solvency. Consequently, it is possible to turn the Apple device into a regular notebook.

1. KXT Stylus pen for apple ipad

KXT Stylus pen for apple ipad
KXT Stylus pen for apple ipad

When we talk about cheap pencils, we don’t have to talk about poor-quality iPad pencils. This is a perfect example. This pencil is one of the lightest on the market, at 17.6 grams. It also includes palm rejection technology, so you can use it without gloves since it will only detect your fingertips to receive orders. This allows the precision of the line to be increased.

This pencil is exclusive to iPad and is compatible with all versions released from 2018 onwards.

2. Stylus Zspeed

Stylus Zspeed
Stylus Zspeed

It is compatible with the iPad Pro 9.7/10.5/11/12.9, iPad 1/2/3/4, iPad mini 1/2/3/4/5, and iPad Air 1/2/3/4.

As you can see, it stands out for its high compatibility with most iPad models, which is what is most interesting. It has a good touch and is made of copper and stainless steel. It guarantees good usability in play, writing, and drawing. It only weighs 60 grams and has a lithium polymer battery function.

All the reviews on Amazon highlight the good things about this product.

3. KOKABI Magnetic Pencil

KOKABI Magnetic Pencil
KOKABI Magnetic Pencil

It is compatible with the iPad 6/7/8/9 gen, iPad Pro 11″ 1/2 gen, iPad Pro 12.9″ 3/4/5 gen, iPad Mini 5/6 gen, and iPad Air 3/4/5 gen.

This affordable model is a level above the rest. Although it does not have wireless charging, it can attach magnetically to the iPad. You can place the palm of your hand without fear that it will draw, which is a detail to take into account. It is exactly the same as the Apple Pencil.

Its tip is 1.5 mm of premium quality, without delay or scratches on the screen. When using the iPad Pro stylus, you can change the thickness of the line by tilting the tip. The smaller the angle of inclination of the pencil tip, the thicker the line will be, but only for specific applications, such as drawing boards, sketching, etc.

4. STAEDTLER Noris for iPad

STAEDTLER Noris Digital Classic
STAEDTLER Noris Digital Classic

It is compatible with the iPad Pro 11/12.9, iPad Air 4, and iPad Series (2018-2021).

Surely, you have had a Staedler pencil at some point in your life—the typical yellows and oranges. Well, now for your tablet, too! With all the technologies and the same design as always, it is one of the most striking products, with almost 5,000 reviews on Amazon.

It has a triangular shape that is very ergonomic for any hand. It guarantees good precision and a very comfortable drawing. It has ‘palm rejection’ technology, so you can support it while you write on the tablet. It includes 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity to write most naturally.

It only weighs 10 grams, and according to the manufacturer, the EMR tip allows you to use an electromagnetic field generated by the device’s screen to interact with it inductively. It has no battery and is very comfortable even for your iPhone.

5. Adonit Neo Duo

Adonit Neo Duo
Adonit Neo Duo

It is compatible with iPad 4, all iPad Minis, all iPad Air, and iPad 2017.

A slightly superior model to the one we just saw is this  Adonit Neo Duo, perfect for those looking for only the best quality. It is an intense black color, it is compatible with many Apple devices, and you can charge it while you use it.

It has the advantage of magnetically attaching to any case and, in the case of the iPad, to the device itself. This simple detail will change everything since it will prevent it from rolling away again. It does not require Bluetooth pairing, so you can use it interchangeably between different devices. In addition, it has a mode to reject the palm of your hand, so you can comfortably rest it on the screen while you write.

The tip is very fine, and the pencil itself is very light, weighing only 15 grams.

6. Zagg Pro Stylus for iPad 

Zagg Pro Stylus for iPad
Zagg Pro Stylus for iPad 

It is compatible with All iPad models from 2018.

The Zagg Pro Stylus supports all the features of the Apple Pencil but is not from the same brand. It also has an anti-palm system to avoid painting with the palm even when supporting it. The battery can last 8 hours on a single 25-minute charge via Type-C, and an LED light indicator indicates the current battery percentage.

The iPad Pro 11 and Pro 12.9 models have magnetic support but do not have wireless charging. They weigh about 80 grams and have an elegant design.

Top recommendation for your iPad

When choosing a good pencil, I don’t think it’s a question of whether more expense means a better result. There are better and worse pencils, yes, but the user’s skill is key to getting the most out of this practice. Therefore, I am obliged to recommend two models: one for those who are starting to design and another for the more experts.

First, I recommend an iPad pen for those who want to start practicing this technique without neglecting the pencil quality, which adjusts to their progress. Therefore, I recommend the Kokabi magnetic pencil for this type of user. It is the best in terms of quality and price, and you will feel that the more your technique improves with the iPad, the more the pencil adapts to you. Cheaper ones may give you the feeling that they are short, but for me, there is a balance.

I recommend the Zagg Pro Stylus for the most experts. It is compatible with the latest versions of iPad, barely weighs 80 grams, and has a battery that lasts up to 8 hours with a minimum charge. Even for professionals, we are talking about a high-performance pencil that anyone experienced with this type of tablet will know how to get the most out of.

Meeting the competition: the Apple Pencil

If you are looking for a replacement for the Apple Pencil because the price is too high, the idea is that you know, broadly speaking, what it offers to opt for a similar model. So, let’s start by analyzing all the specifications of the Apple stylus.

First of all, we must remember that currently, you can find two different models of this Apple pencil: the first and the second generation. In the aesthetic section, they are very similar, so you will not notice the physical difference. While the first model has a somewhat more circular and cylindrical design, the second is not so cylindrical, with a flat part to support wireless charging. That makes it slightly more ergonomic, although it is not something you will notice greatly.

In addition to affecting wireless charging and design, this flat part affects use. It has a touch part in the upper area that will allow you to double tap without releasing the pencil, and that serves something like this to carry out a shortcut.

Beyond that, both pencils serve practically the same purpose. It is true that they are not compatible with the same iPads, something that must be considered at all times. If you have an older iPad, you’ll probably find that you need to get the first generation because the later one isn’t compatible. However, with the alternatives that we are going to offer you, you probably won’t have a problem since they usually have very high compatibility.

Is the Apple Pencil Stylus worth it?

There are still certain doubts about the Apple Pencil and its long-term usefulness, as well as any of its alternatives. There are those who believe that it is not a device that can really be used, and that is not true. The moment you discover digital notebooks, you will feel how a new world opens before your feet. You will stop buying notebooks and paper since you will see that your iPad or tablet will replace them completely.

However, the Apple Pencil is designed specifically for Apple devices like the iPad. It is created to work fluidly and precisely on the tablet, so if you don’t have one of these brands, it is very likely that it is incompatible or does not work as it should.

If you have a non-Apple tablet and are looking for a stylus, it is best to look for alternatives for that specific device. Some brands, such as Samsung or Lenovo, have their own digital pencils compatible with other brands. So, although the Apple Pencil is a top product, it only makes sense to buy it if you have devices from this brand.

What can you do with a stylus on an iPad?

First of all, you can use apps like  GoodNotes 5, which will allow you to get more out of the iPad than you would have imagined. Not only will you be able to underline your notes, but you will also be able to create them directly in a digital version. Titles, subtitles, add stickers… Whatever you want! In addition, you can make very quick outlines and summaries. Creativity will not end since you can even copy and paste images directly from the browser. And with a precision never seen before!

Above all, the stylus will become the best work tool in education. You can correct assignments, take class rolls, have a digital version of your notebook—everything you can imagine, and much more! Additionally, a stylus is very useful for digitally signing documents, such as contracts or permits. You won’t have to print them, sign them by hand, and scan them again.

The usefulness will be even greater in the field of graphic design, especially for those who are dedicated to editing photography. You can edit videos and photographs, create illustrations, and much more. It is such a complex tool that you will probably have to spend time to get the most out of it, but you will love being able to do it.

Aspects to take into account when choosing a stylus for iPad

Before jumping into a model, you must consider several issues. If you don’t buy the official Apple Pencil, you can choose the most similar one possible. And with a very similar usability! Write these questions down well:

  • Compatibility: The first thing is to check the compatibility with the iPad model. The 2017 model began supporting a few types of styluses, but the list has grown as iPads have been released. In this way, there are models with different compatibilities. To do this, you will have to verify that the product sheet you go to is compatible with your iPad. If you see the name on the list and the model fits you, go for it!
  • Bluetooth: Certain models don’t work via Bluetooth, but the Apple Pencil does. If it is cheap, it will surely not come with this technology, functioning simply through a power button and much more limited functions. Having it will be vital, but optional, to pair with apps and configure its features.
  • Weight: Having it in your hand for long hours will cause fatigue, but if we add to that formula that the weight of the stylus substitute is high, then it will be too uncomfortable. Considering the weight of the original Apple Pencil, it is recommended that it always be below 100 grams. Otherwise, your sensations when drawing and writing will not be the best possible. This is not a minor issue, so keep it in mind from the beginning.
  • Design: Regarding the previous point, ergonomics also plays a very important role in addition to weight. If you are going to use the stylus for long hours for work reasons (such as graphic or web design), your hand must be energized with it. An ergonomic design will allow you to keep it in your hand for hours, accompanied by a good weight, as we have already told you, to digitize everything you want accurately and comfortably.
  • Tip thickness: It may seem like an irrelevant technical issue, but the truth is that all the action in this type of pencil lies in the tip. Generally speaking, the thinner the tip thickness, the better. From 1.9 millimeters and below, the thickness can be considered correct, translating into greater drawing precision. And although we take it for granted in this article, the tip will be interchangeable since you would have to get another stylus.
  • Autonomy: These types of devices also have autonomy through a small vertical battery that guarantees the use of a few hours. In the case of the Apple Pencil, both the first and second generation have an autonomy of 12 hours. So you will have to set the bar, if not the same, a little lower since, in certain models, the price cannot guarantee so many hours for the same value, although they are similar. Remember, 12 hours! At rest, lasting about 30 hours will be more than enough.
  • Wireless charging: The iPad itself has wireless charging to bring the pen closer and charge automatically without having to plug anything in. This only happens in the second generation, thanks to the flat tip. If you’re looking for competition in that regard, look to see if the model has wireless charging. It will be brought closer, and it will charge itself.
  • Price: If you are looking for an alternative, you will have to lower the price bar directly, because to raise it, it would be better for us to buy the official one. The 1st generation has a fixed price of 99 euros, while the 2nd generation costs 135 euros. From there, you will have to consider cheaper options if possible.
  • Indicators: The official Apple Pencil does not have indicators, but it is worth considering if the model in question has some type of battery level indicator. It usually appears with some type of LED light with remaining battery numbers or stripes.
  • Auto power off: Commonly, you forget to turn off the stylus, and there is nothing out of this world. However, it may not have an automatic shut-off, as the Apple Pencil does, which, after several minutes without using it, turns off automatically, avoiding major battery wear and degradation over time. So that it is of the same quality, count on it.

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