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8 Best Rolex Milgauss Alternatives

Top Best Rolex Milgauss Alternatives: In a surprising move, Rolex bid farewell to one of its distinctive timepieces this year—the Milgauss. The Milgauss was renowned for its quirky anti-magnetic features, making it a favorite among engineers and watch enthusiasts alike since its inception in 1956.

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History of Rolex Milgauss

The Rolex Milgauss has a fascinating history rooted in the 1950s, during the era of big science and the Cold War. Originally created for scientists at CERN, it was part of a golden age of engineer watches, alongside competitors like IWC, JLC, and Omega. The Milgauss went through various iterations before stabilizing with the 1960s Milgauss 1019. After a hiatus, it returned in 2007 with a modern twist and continued to evolve, solidifying its place as a unique timepiece for scientists and science enthusiasts.


The explosive design of the Milgauss is a love-hate affair, featuring a large, fully polished case with vibrant colors like orange, blue, and white, set against a Green Tinted Crystal. The 40mm diameter and thicker profile make it stand out among Rolex watches. The unique pregnant case back houses an internal Faraday cage. Despite its bold appearance, it’s surprisingly easy to wear, with a thoughtful design that caters to both scientists and science enthusiasts.


Beyond its colorful dial, the Milgauss boasts impressive features. The soft iron Faraday cage protects against electromagnetic fields, complemented by a neopium zirconium hairspring and nickel phosphorus escapement. Rated to 1000 Gauss, it offers more resilience than advertised. Shock-resistant and 100 meters water-resistant, the watch incorporates 904L steel, an Easy Link five-millimeter adjustment system, and a 10-year service interval, making it a robust timepiece.

How It Fits Who It Fits?

Suitable for small to medium-sized wrists, the Milgauss accommodates even wrists as small as 15 centimeters. Its colorful dial makes it perfect for experimenting with colorful straps, and its thickness gives it a robust feel. The watch caters to minimalists who appreciate a fixed bezel, three hands, and no date, and it’s an ideal choice for scientists or science enthusiasts.

Understanding Milgauss Price Trends

Before diving into the alternatives, let’s briefly examine the recent price trends of the Milgauss. Despite its discontinuation, the secondary market has not seen an astronomical surge in prices. Over the last three years, the trading value of the Milgauss reference 116400GV peaked in April 2022 at around $14,422, dropping steadily throughout the year.

At the time of discontinuation, prices settled just under $11,000. While there was a slight increase post-discontinuation, prices have now stabilized below $11,000. This information is crucial for those still considering a Milgauss purchase.

What are the Best Rolex Milgauss Alternatives?

Rolex quietly discontinued the Milgauss, famous for its anti-magnetic features. Despite its absence, a range of remarkable alternatives have emerged.

  • Omega Aqua Terra: Silver stainless steel, automatic, 500m water resistance – a stylish alternative to Rolex Milgauss.
  • IWC Ingenieur Automatic: Modern, anti-magnetic, 40mm case – a sleek choice similar to Milgauss.
  • Omega Aqua Terra: Stylish, reliable, 15,000 Gauss resistance – versatile Milgauss substitute.
  • BALL Engineer 3 Marvelight: Durable, functional, anti-magnetic – rooted in railroad tradition.
  • Grand Seiko SBGX Collection: Quartz-powered, Japanese precision, 500 Gauss resistance – distinctive design.
  • Sinn 836: Classic, German-engineered, 1,000 Gauss resistance – durable and functional.
  • Damasko DS-30: German-engineered, anti-magnetic, 39mm case – exceptional value.
  • Citizen Series 8: Unconventional, integrated style, 200 Gauss resistance – a unique choice.

These include the IWC Ingenieur Automatic, Omega Aqua Terra with 15,000 Gauss resistance, Omega Railmaster, BALL Engineer 3 Marvelight, Grand Seiko SBGX343, Sinn 836, Damasko DS-30, and Citizen Series 8.

1. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronometer Automatic Men’s Watch

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronometer
Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronometer
  • Dial: Silver
  • Case Material: Silver-tone stainless steel
  • Band Material: Silver-tone stainless steel
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Water Resistance: 500 meters / 1650 feet
  • Bezel: Fixed
  • Clasp: Fold Over with Push Button Release
  • Case Size: 41 mm x 13.2 mm
  • Model: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Watch

These Best Rolex Milgauss Alternatives uphold the Milgauss’ anti-magnetic legacy while offering diverse styles and functionalities.

Though the future of the Milgauss remains uncertain, the absence of this iconic timepiece has left a void in the market. In this article, we explore eight exceptional alternatives that share characteristics with the Milgauss, focusing on anti-magnetic properties and filling the gap for an engineer’s watch.

2. IWC Ingenieur Automatic

IWC Ingenieur Automatic Rolex Milgauss Alternatives
IWC Ingenieur Automatic
  • Model: IWC Ingenieur Automatic
  • Characteristics: Anti-magnetic properties
  • Design: Modern
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Crystal: Colored sapphire
  • Water Resistance: Robust
  • Appeal: Unique
  • Inspiration: Embodies the essence of the Milgauss
  • Launch: Recently introduced

The IWC Ingenieur Automatic, introduced at Watches and Wonders, is a definitive alternative. While not a perfect visual match to the Milgauss, it shares a core philosophy in design and intended use. The Ingenieur features a 40mm case, excellent finishing, and a 100-meter water resistance. Its anti-magnetic properties align with the original Milgauss ethos, making it a compelling alternative.

3. Omega Aqua Terra

Omega Aqua Terra
Omega Aqua Terra
  • Model: Omega Aqua Terra
  • Characteristics: Anti-magnetic innovations
  • Design: Versatile
  • Magnetic Resistance: 15,000 Gauss
  • Competition: Direct competitor to the Milgauss
  • Variety: Multiple sizes, dial patterns, and movement options
  • Dependability: Known for reliability
  • Style: Stylish alternative to the Milgauss
  • Launch: Part of the Aqua Terra collection with a longstanding association with anti-magnetic features.

The Omega Aqua Terra stands out as a no-brainer alternative, especially in its 15,000 Gauss meta-certified variation. While the colorway may differ, its commitment to resisting magnetic fields is noteworthy. With various sizes, dial colors, and the reliability of Omega’s 8,800 and 8,900 calibers, the Aqua Terra is a versatile and accessible alternative.

4. BALL Engineer 3 Marvelight

BALL Engineer 3 Marvelight
  • Brand: BALL Watch Company
  • Model: Engineer Marvelight
  • Tradition: Carries on BALL’s tradition of producing anti-magnetic timepieces
  • Movement Certification: Equipped with a COSC-certified movement
  • Illumination: Tritium illumination for enhanced visibility
  • Durability: Exudes durability
  • Functionality: Demonstrates high functionality
  • Roots: Rooted in railroad chronometers
  • Commitment: Showcases BALL’s commitment to precision timekeeping

BALL, originating in Ohio, offers the Engineer 3 Marvelite with COSC certification and anti-magnetic properties. With tritium illumination, BALL stands out for its historical connection to improving timekeeping standards in railroad settings.

BALL Watch Company’s Engineer Marvelight proudly carries on the brand’s tradition of producing anti-magnetic timepieces. With a COSC-certified movement and tritium illumination, this watch exudes durability and functionality. Its roots in railroad chronometers showcase BALL’s commitment to precision timekeeping.

5. Grand Seiko SBGX Collection

Grand Seiko SBGX
Grand Seiko SBGX
  • Model: Grand Seiko SBGX343
  • Power Source: Quartz-powered
  • Magnetic Resistance: Excelling in anti-magnetic properties
  • Case Design: Distinctive
  • Size: 40mm
  • Versatility: Well-suited for various preferences
  • Craftsmanship: Showcases Japanese precision and artistry
  • Appeal: A versatile option for those prioritizing anti-magnetic capabilities
  • Features: Focuses on reliability and magnetic resistance.

Grand Seiko’s SBGX343 is a quartz-powered alternative that excels in magnetic resistance. With its distinctive case design and 40mm size, the SBGX343 is a versatile option for those seeking both anti-magnetic capabilities and Japanese craftsmanship.

Grand Seiko’s SBGX Collection includes the SBGX343, a professional magnetic resistance watch with a quartz movement. With a unique case and bracelet design, the SBGX343 boasts 40,000 amperes per meter or 500 Gauss resistance, making it a robust alternative.

6. Sinn 836

Frontalansicht Modell 836
  • Model: Sinn 836
  • Characteristics: Anti-magnetic properties
  • Design: Classic field-oriented pilot hybrid
  • Case Size: Not specified (commonly associated with field watches)
  • Magnetic Resistance: 1,000 Gauss
  • Case Features: No crown guards
  • Water Resistance: Suitable for field use
  • Special Coating: Tejimented models available
  • Brand Identity: German engineering and high-grade movements
  • Durability: Known for robustness
  • Functionality: Oriented towards field and pilot activities
  • Availability: Part of Sinn’s commitment to manufacturing to a higher standard for its price category.

The Sinn 836 is a classic field-oriented pilot-style watch with anti-magnetic properties and a 1,000 Gauss resistance. Known for its German engineering and tejimented models, Sinn delivers durability and functionality in a distinctive design.

7. Damasko DS-30

Damasko DS-30
Damasko DS-30
  • Model: Damasko DS-30
  • Characteristics: Anti-magnetic properties
  • Design: German-engineered field watch
  • Case Size: 39mm
  • Water Resistance: 200 meters
  • Case Treatment: Hardened case
  • Value: Exceptional value in German watchmaking
  • Functionality: Tejimented models available
  • Style: Utilitarian and distinctive German design
  • History: Damasko, a brand established in the early 1990s, known for producing cases for Zinn during the 1990s.
  • Launch: Introduced as part of Damasko’s commitment to manufacturing to a higher standard in the German watchmaking industry.

Damasko’s DS-30 is a German-engineered field watch with magnetic resistance, a 39mm case, and a water resistance of 200 meters. With a hardened case, Damasko offers exceptional value in German watchmaking.

The Damasko DS-30 presents a minimalist yet robust option for those prioritizing anti-magnetic features. With a focus on durability and precision, the DS-30 showcases Damasko’s commitment to German engineering standards. Its hardened case and innovative materials make it an alternative worth considering.

8. Citizen Series 8

Citizen Series 8
Citizen Series 8
  • Model: Citizen Series 8
  • Characteristics: Integrated style design
  • Magnetic Resistance: 200 Gauss
  • Design: Unconventional
  • Case: Integrated steel bracelet
  • Style: Mix of sport and dress elements
  • Overlooked Aspect: Often overlooked by many
  • Water Resistance: Not specified
  • Unique Feature: Integrated style design trend
  • Introduction: Debuted in 2008 in Japan, now available globally

In an unconventional pick, the Citizen Series 8 features a unique integrated style design with 200 Gauss magnetic resistance. Overlooked by many, this Citizen model combines sport and dress elements, making it an intriguing alternative.

For a departure from the conventional, the Citizen Series 8 introduces an integrated design with 200 Gauss anti-magnetic properties. This underappreciated timepiece challenges design norms while delivering reliable performance.


While the Rolex Milgauss may have bid farewell, the world of horology continues to offer exceptional alternatives that capture the essence of anti-magnetic engineering. From the IWC Ingenieur Automatic’s modern design to the Omega Aqua Terra’s innovative technology, each of these timepieces carries its own appeal for those seeking a worthy replacement.

As you explore these options, remember that while the Milgauss may be missed, the horological landscape remains vibrant and full of exciting alternatives.

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