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4 Best Games Like Atlas Earth

Games like atlas earth: As fans of ATLAS: EARTH seek new gaming experiences that cater to their desire for power, politics, and prosperity, we’ve compiled a list of four engaging games that will satisfy your craving for world domination and financial success.

From being the President of the world to running a multinational conglomerate, these games offer unique and immersive experiences.

Key takeaways

  1. Take charge as the President, a metaverse citizen, or a capitalist tycoon in games that let you lead and shape your virtual world.
  2. Customize your avatar, make laws, and express yourself creatively in politics or business.
  3. Enjoy hands-free gaming with automation features in “Pocket Politics” and “AdVenture Capitalist,” letting you progress effortlessly.
  4. Connect with players worldwide in “Highrise,” creating a virtual social circle, and participate in global events in “AdVenture Capitalist.”
  5. Rise through the ranks, aim for the top spot, and compete for dominance, whether as the richest President, the most stylish metaverse resident, or the ultimate tycoon.
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Top 4 Best games like Atlas Earth

Let’s dive into the virtual realms where your strategic mind and entrepreneurial spirit can flourish.

1. The President: Idle Mafia

Ever wondered what it would be like to rule the world with an iron fist or charm the masses with your political finesse?

The President - Games Like Atlas Earth
The President
  • Be the President of the world and enact laws.
  • Choose your leadership style, from benevolent to dictatorial.
  • Hire VIP guards for added protection.
  • Unique blend of political simulation and idle gameplay.

The President: Idle Mafia” lets you explore both extremes as you take on the role of the world’s leader.

Whether you choose to be a benevolent leader or a dictator, this idle mafia game allows you to enact laws and hire VIP guards to secure your position.

With its unique blend of political simulation and idle gameplay, you’ll experience the thrill of being the ultimate decision-maker.

2. Highrise: Metaverse Life World

Step into the Highrise Virtual Metaverse, a second life simulator that goes beyond the ordinary. In this immersive pocket metaverse, you create your avatar, socialize with virtual friends, and attend virtual parties.

  • Create and customize your avatar character.
  • Chat with virtual friends and attend virtual parties.
  • Over 20,000 items for avatar customization.
  • Role-play with other players in an immersive virtual world.

Highrise” is not just an avatar game; it’s a place where you can express yourself through fashion, role-play with other players, and build a social community.

With endless customization options and a vibrant virtual world, this game offers a unique metaverse life experience that goes beyond traditional simulation games.

3. Pocket Politics: Idle Money

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming the President of the World and managing a political campaign, “Pocket Politics: Idle Money” is the game for you.

Pocket Politics
Pocket Politics
  • Automate lobbies to earn cash while away.
  • Gain endorsements from prominent politicians.
  • Compete in event leaderboards for profit multipliers.
  • Prestige system to gain Followers and expand your empire.

Rise through political ranks, gain endorsements from prominent politicians, and watch your campaign funds soar.

The game combines idle cash generation with strategic political decision-making, creating an addictive experience.

Automate your lobbies, invest wisely, and compete in event leaderboards to become the richest and most famous President ever.

4. AdVenture Capitalist

For those who dream of wealth and capitalist success, “AdVenture Capitalist” is the ultimate idle clicker game.

AdVenture Capitalist
AdVenture Capitalist
  • Start from a humble lemonade stand and build a multinational conglomerate.
  • Automate your business with hired managers.
  • Customize your Capitalist with outfits and accessories.
  • Expand your empire to the Moon and Mars in the space race.
  • Participate in limited-time events for extra rewards.

Start from humble beginnings, running a lemonade stand, and work your way up to becoming a multinational tycoon.

The game’s unique feature allows you to automate your business empire by hiring managers, giving you time to focus on strategic decisions.

With customizable outfits, investments, and even space exploration, “AdVenture Capitalist” provides a thrilling journey from rags to riches.


As you celebrate your one-year milestone with ATLAS: EARTH, these four games offer diverse experiences that tap into your desire for power, influence, and financial success.

Whether you prefer the political intrigue of “The President: Idle Mafia,” the social dynamics of “Highrise,” the strategic gameplay of “Pocket Politics: Idle Money,” or the wealth-building frenzy of “AdVenture Capitalist,” there’s a game to satisfy every virtual tycoon’s ambitions.

Happy gaming!

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