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The 7 best alternatives to Linktree

The 7 best alternatives to Linktree: The link aggregator lives not only on Linktree: we have various tools on the Internet that can make it easier for us to promote our social networks and services.

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The 7 best alternatives to Linktree

Knowing how many people visit your Instagram profile is very simple. What is more complex is making this number grow. An effective way can be to create your own link tree, a place all your social networks in one place. We are going to explain to you which are the best alternatives to Linktree, the link tree par excellence.

alternatives to Linktree

But first, of course, let’s see what Linktree is.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is an online tool that allows users to generate a landing page that hosts multiple links. This makes it possible to share multiple destination URLs in a single location. For example, it is very effective to place the Linktree in the Instagram BIO so that people who visit our profile can see all our social networks or personal pages.

The Linktree page is highly customizable by the user through images, colors, and themes. It is a very useful tool for content creators who diversify their work in different locations and increase their traffic. Thanks to Linktree, for example, we can put a link on Instagram to our TikTok and vice versa. All social networks are interconnected in a simple way and in one place.

Linktree offers two different versions: a free one, enough to place a few links, and a paid one (monthly or annually) with additional features such as the ability to add custom thumbnails, schedule links, integrate with third-party analysis tools, etc.

What are the best alternatives to Linktree?

  • Lnk.Bio
  • Campsite
  • ContactInBio
  • Shorby
  • Tap Bio

If we don’t feel like trying Linktree, we have another series of tools that do the same thing. Let’s see which are the most used or interesting ones we can find on the Internet.



Lnk.Bio is very easy to use and offers everything that Linktree gives us: we can create an account for free and customize a link page with a profile photo, title, and description. Then, on this page, we can add the other sites where we have accounts and different products or services we want to share.

One of the most notable features of Lnk.Bio can place interactive widgets, such as subscription forms, audience surveys, and ‘Call to Action’ buttons.

It offers free and premium versions. In the latter case, we can customize our account’s URL and integrate it with Google Analytics to increase storage capacity.

Access Lnk.Bio

Campsite link
Campsite link

Campsite is a very simple tool that does not require computer skills. We can use a free account to customize our links to websites, social networks, or any other content that we want to share with our audience.

Campsite is a unique tool because it allows us to add an email subscription form to the links page, collecting emails from people interested in us. In addition, it offers the ‘Store’ option if we have an e-commerce account and want to use the page to sell products or services.

Like the previous ones, it offers a free and paid version with more customization options, integration with e-commerce platforms, tracking statistics, etc.

Access Campsite



We are talking about one of ContactInBio’s unique features because we already know its usefulness: adding contact and reservation forms to your links page. Therefore, this tool is very useful if you have a business or service and want to contact customers directly. In addition, you can customize your links page, taking into account your brand appearance, to give a homogeneous touch to your entire image.

The premium version of ContactInBio includes more customization options, integration with e-commerce platforms, tracking statistics, and additional features.

Access ContactInBio offers personalized templates in which we can also choose the color, images, and other elements that make them ours and resemble the image we want to project as a brand. It is a tool that is well-optimized to appear correctly on different devices.

With this tool, you can, for example, post your last nine Instagram entries (or the ones you prefer), thoroughly personalize the entire profile page, share YouTube videos, and more. Like the previous proposals, it has a free and paid version with more customization options.




Another alternative to Linktree to consider is Shorby. Like the rest, Shorby offers everything we look for in a link integration page:

  • Maximum customization
  • Effective integration with our social networks
  • Compatibility with numerous devices and integration with email services

It also offers a free and paid version; we will have additional services with the latter.

Access Shorby

Tap Bio

tap bio

Like other alternatives to Linktree, Tap Bio offers a personalized account to host all the links to our social networks, services, and products. It has fully customizable templates, integration with Instagram, TikTok, and other social networks, compatibility with mobile, tablet, and computer, integration with mailing services, and payment options. With the latter, you can eliminate the watermark and incorporate e-commerce platforms.

One feature that makes Tap Bio unique is adding ‘sections’ to the links page. This means that we can classify everything we want to add to our links page into different topics: dedicate one to social networks, another to our products, contact information, etc.

Access Tap Bio

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