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Hangman Game Alternatives – 6 Fun Ways to Enjoy

6 Hangman Game Alternatives: Who has not played the game of hangman? For generations, we have all resorted to this entertaining guessing pastime to fill those moments of boredom that we all have from time to time.

For those who don’t know it, its mechanics are very simple. One player thinks of a word, phrase, or sentence, and the others have to guess it using letters. The word to be guessed is represented using a row of dashes, giving the number of letters and the category.

Hangman Game Alternatives
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6 Hangman Game Alternatives

It can be the name of a character, a movie, or anything that comes to mind. If the player or players who have to guess it suggests a letter that appears in the word, the other writes it in all its correct positions. If it does not appear, the other will make a mark on the figure of a hanged man as a counting mark. The game ends when the word is guessed or completed or, conversely, the hangman’s diagram is completed.

It is not just mere entertainment; its practice offers children multiple benefits. Among them are improvements in vocabulary, practice of reading and writing, improvement in pronunciation, and an increase in concentration and attention.

This traditional pastime has evolved a lot over the years and has entertained us. So much so that, currently, we can find it in the most diverse formats: more classic and more technological, but always without losing their essence, and all equally fun.

Below, we tell you 6 Hangman Game Alternatives and fun ways to entertain yourself with the game of hangman.

1. Pencil and paper

The most traditional way of playing is the one we have been practicing all our lives. Whether with pencil and paper or chalk and blackboard, entertainment is guaranteed.

It can be played by two people, in groups, or by the number of people who want to participate; whoever the league will have to think of a word, movie name, famous person, or phrase. The game’s difficulty can vary, as agreed upon by the players. Next, you will draw on paper as many lines as letters in the chosen word. He will also draw a gallow, and he will complete the drawing of the hanged man.

Taking turns, the other players must say the letters they think may be in the word. If they get it right, they will be placed in their corresponding places. But if they fail, he will draw parts of the doll on the gallows: first the head, then the trunk, the arms, and so on. The others will have to try to guess the word before the doll is completed, or they will end up hanging.

Source: Canva

2. Play online

If you are passionate about the game of hangman but do not have company to play it with, you can resort to playing online. The computer will propose a word, and you will have to guess it, just like in the traditional game, but it will be the machine that solves the word and the doll. You will have time to solve it, and it will be scored based on your answers.

On the web, you have as many options to practice it as you can imagine: thematic, seasonal, or specific hanged men. Some even replace the classic hanged man doll, which at some point has sparked controversy, with the most varied drawings.

Among the great diversity of online games, there are several models with which you can entertain yourself for hours.

3. Also, in Excel format

It is such a simple form of entertainment that so many people like it, and it has even been developed in Excel format. You can download and install it on your computer; thus, you can play it as many times as you want without needing an internet connection.

hangman excel

You can choose the category of the hidden word and, from there, start guessing the letters like in any other hangman game. You can download it here.

4. An App to play wherever you want

Google Play – App Store: Free

Age: +4

You can also enjoy the hangman’s hobby on your mobile or tablet. It is suitable for all ages, especially for those adults who want to practice their language and vocabulary skills. It is also ideal for children who are learning more vocabulary.

It offers a 2-player game mode, where you can write your words and play with your friends and family. Your rivals will have to guess the word using clues. A very fun way! Then, you can check your maximum score in the ranking and compare your record with your friends or with players from different countries.

With a colorful and attractive design, the application is available in different languages ​​for players around the world. It has hundreds of words and levels, so you can learn a wide vocabulary in different languages.

5. Have fun with your family with the board game

Of course, we can also find the hangman game in its board game version. You will have to discover the opponent’s word before he discovers yours or before being hanged. A classic for 2 players, with briefcases to keep everything organized.

Inside, it contains two cases, one blue and one red, two sets of 58 letters, and 2 spare blank chips for each player. The two boards close so you can store the letters on them. On one side of the board, you can see your mistakes on the scoreboard. At the top, you will see the letters that you guess correctly to guess your opponent’s word. It also has boxes to place your letters and the word you have chosen and another marker to write down your opponent’s mistakes.

Recommended age: +6

6. Take the fun wherever you want with the travel game

So that trips don’t become long and boring again, you can also enjoy hangman in a magnetic version that you can take wherever you want. It contains the pieces to form the words and a board, which is the same metal box that contains it.

This is a pocket game that, due to its small size, can accompany you wherever you want to always have it ready to play.

Recommended age: +5

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