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5 Games Similar to Fall Guys for Mobile

All of these Games Similar to Fall Guys for Mobile will offer you an experience similar to Fall Guys, and you can play them on your mobile.

Fall Guys is a tremendously successful video game, but it is not available for Android phones. Therefore, we bring you the best 5 alternatives to Fall Guys on Android. None of them may be a great masterpiece, nor may they appear on the list of the best multiplayer games for Android, but they will surely satisfy your desire to play a game of a challenge similar to the one presented by the title developed by Tonic Games Group, owned by Epic Games.

All the titles selected here are also ideal games for children, thus being simple and compatible alternatives to Fall Guys for all types of games similar to fall guys for mobile.

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Top of the best alternatives to play ‘Fall Guys’ on an Android mobile – Games similar to fall guys for mobile

Games similar to fall guys for mobile

In this list, we are going to compile the five best alternatives to ‘Fall Guys’ on Android so you can play games with your friends and thus enjoy the best afternoon of leisure possible. All of them will be free, so the fun doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Stumble Guys
  • Fall Dudes
  • Oopstacles
  • Battle Run
  • Punch Animals

Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys
Stumble Guys Game

The benchmark of ‘Fall Guys’- type video games that we can download on Android is ‘Stumble Guys’, which is practically a carbon copy of the previous title, released in 2020 by the Indian company Kitka Games. In the game, players control nameless characters who must compete against each other on challenging and intricate courses; as in the case of ‘Fall Guys,’ the objective is to reach the finish line first, avoiding all obstacles and traps.

In this case, the game places special emphasis on the physics of the characters, which means that it can be an even greater challenge than ‘Fall Guys.’ It is a free game but with in-app purchases and aesthetic elements with which we can decorate and personalize our characters.

Download Stumble Guys on Google Play

Fall Dudes

Fall Dudes
Fall Dudes

Already, from its obvious name, you can see the similarity: in this case, ‘Fall Dudes’ was released in 2020 by a Brazilian company, Rumbling Games. Unlike the previous title, this video game features various game modes and challenges such as racing, sumo fights, capture the flag game, etc. Each mode has its own rules, which adds variety to the experience.

You can also buy costumes and cosmetic items with real money within the free game. Costumes can also be unlocked as you progress through the game and win different races. The game keeps a large community active, so it will not be difficult for you to find games to spend the day playing.

Download Fall Dudes on Google Play



One of the craziest ‘Fall Guys’ type video games you can find on Android is titled Oopstacles. And, on top of that, totally free. It is a delirious and crazy game developed by the company Crystal Plug, and the mechanics are already known to everyone: obstacle courses and challenges in multiplayer games.

Oopstacles has several game modes: single-player, where you can compete in levels of progressive difficulty and unlock new characters; multiplayer mode, where you must be the fastest of all your companions to win the race and thus have better characters and skills. During the game, you will be able to collect coins that will give you power-ups, and, from time to time, special events will be held to earn additional rewards. It is a challenging game for all ages that stands out for its colorful graphics and downright fun music.

Download Oopstacles on the Play Store

Battle Run

Battle Run
Battle Run

Another free mobile video game for Android whose title reveals everything you need to know about it is Battle Run. It was released in 2013 and developed by Game Hive Corporation. In the game, participants compete in real-time races, avoiding dangerous obstacles and using power-ups to gain an advantage over their other competitors. Players can choose from various animal characters and customize their looks with accessories and other cosmetic items.

The game has a progression system in which you accumulate coins, which can then be exchanged for accessories and skills. As time passes, new characters can also be discovered.

Download Battle Run on Play Store

Punch Animals


Punch Animals is a fun game very similar to Fall Guys.

Animals punching each other? Why not! ‘Punch Animals’ is another fun game similar to ‘Fall Guys’ in which we can choose a wide variety of animals to compete in frenetic races in a cartoon environment. It includes several game modes, such as single-player campaigns or online multiplayer.

It is a differentiating element that you can hit other participants with your animals, turning the race into a real combat showdown. Like previous titles, we will also have a progress system through which we can earn coins to unlock characters and skills. You can also buy cosmetic items for the animals with real money.

Download Punch Animals on the GameLoop

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