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Best Concert Creator Alternative in 2024 – (Top 3)

Discover Best Concert Creator Alternative: With the recent shutdown of Concert Creator (; many users need an alternative program that can convert a piano performance to a .midi file. Concert Creator was unique in its ability to convert an mp3 to a midi file and create a full-on performance or synthesis.


  • Concert Creator, a tool utilizing advanced AI to convert audio recordings into lifelike piano performances, has shut down, leaving users in need of alternatives.
  • Despite challenges in finding a replacement with similar accuracy and features, PianoTrans emerges as a promising alternative, offering mp3 to MIDI conversion and positive user feedback.
  • requires direct pianist involvement, and online MP3 to MIDI converters often lack accuracy, making PianoTrans a standout choice.
  • The shutdown of Concert Creator’s servers on June 3rd, 2022, rendered the application unusable, and attempts to recreate it may prove costly and complicated.
  • In the dynamic landscape of AI-driven innovations, exploring alternatives like PianoTrans becomes essential for users seeking to continue transforming audio into virtual concert experiences and music lessons.

Although several options exist, finding a solution with the same accuracy and features has proven challenging. This article will explore a potential concert creator alternative offering similar functionality.

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What Is a Concert Creator?

A concert creator is a tool that employs advanced AI technology to transform audio recordings into life-like piano performances and music lessons. This innovative software, named Concert Creator Ai, utilizes its training from actual professional musicians to ensure precise and remarkably human-sounding outcomes.

Concert Creator Alternative

With Concert Creator, any audio source can be converted into a virtual concert experience or a valuable music learning opportunity.

The Concert Creator AI allows you to import MIDI or audio files from various sources, including video URLs and new recordings. The AI then plays the music, displaying synthesia notes or finger positions. It includes built-in songs and can handle custom arrangements.

The AI optimizes fingerings and provides a visual preview of the performance. Users can customize visuals, including hand colors and piano roll zoom. The software offers options for rendering and exporting videos in different resolutions and frame rates.

Additional features include various visual environments, camera perspectives, avatars, and the ability to edit playthroughs. Users can explore and manipulate the AI’s performance in a virtual space. The software also supports VR, allowing users to experience performances in a 3D environment.

Overall, Concert Creator AI provides a dynamic and interactive platform for music enthusiasts to engage with and enhance their musical experiences.

What happen to the Concert Creator?

The Concert Creator service has been shut down, and they are no longer accepting new users. Access to Concert Creator servers was closed on June 3rd, 2022, for all users. Paying users have been contacted with instructions for refunds.

When Concert Creator shut down, its servers went offline, making the application unusable. Some users have suggested using tools like Wireshark to track where the application sends requests and dnSpy to examine the source code.

But this approach aims to understand why the application only works with servers and whether creating a new solution based on the existing code is possible. However, this method may not be fruitful, as renting servers or recreating the neural network could prove costly and complicated.

Top 3 Best Concert Creator Alternative

For those seeking alternatives to Concert Creator, a few options have emerged. requires direct pianist involvement, limiting its appeal. Online MP3 to MIDI converters lack accuracy. Consider PianoTrans, a promising alternative on GitHub.

Users report positive results, making it a reliable option for converting piano performances to MIDI files.

Here are some best concert creator alternatives given below:

While some have suggested using Embers, this app needs the playing pianist’s hands and the pianist himself, making it a less appealing option for those who value Concert Creator’s unique features.

Online Mp3 to MIDI Converters

I have seen some people have mentioned on Reddit to use online mp3 to midi converters, but these services often fail to provide accurate conversions.


One promising solution is PianoTrans, a Python program available on GitHub ( This tool offers a similar mp3 to the midi conversion process, making it a potential alternative for former Concert Creator users.

Those who have tried PianoTrans have reported positive results, suggesting that it could be a suitable option for converting piano performances to MIDI files.


In conclusion, while Concert Creator offers an impressive solution for transforming audio into virtual concerts and music lessons, it’s worth exploring alternatives in the ever-evolving landscape of AI-driven innovations.

Finding a program that offers accurate mp3 to midi conversions and a full performance or synthesis has proven difficult. However, tools like PianoTrans provide hope for users seeking a viable alternative.

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